The Netherlands Advising Office for Monuments, Interior and Architecture was founded in 1992 during the restoration of the Dutch Quarter of Potsdam, former Eastern Germany. This project was visited by H.M. the Queen and H.R.H. Prince Willem-Alexander.
The office is a small organisation, specialised in the restoration of problematic monuments, historic public spaces and interiors, woodconstructions, masonry, natural stone and moisture- and saltproblems in the Netherlands and Europe. The office also supports authorities in the field of heritage and development.

Being Dutch earthquake-experts, the office is researching and estimating damage at cultural heritage in the Groningen-area. The 13th century church of Garmerwolde will be the first project with cracks in the domes to be restored. The domes have been built in a rare medieval fishbone-masonry. Measures to prevent further damage will be proposed. Recently we published the book LIVING ON A FAULT in Dutch language. Damage on buildings and listed hertitage, repair, strengthtening, illustrations,references and scources.